We were at #KFC and I asked for warm water (which the cashier took as tongue-scalding hot) - and Mom was, like, “‘Di ba may kape ka sa bag mo?” and I know my eyes widened while I rummaged through my bag. Yeah, I did have a packet of #Nescafe (which I’d gotten from church the other day and since I rarely fix my bags was left inside); so I ate my twister with a GLASS of hot coffee beside a Nescafe Krushers poster, watching my brother stifle his laughter. This li’l story’s supposed to be funny but the way I’m narrating it is not! #forgivemefortrying #LOL

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i thnk i just followed like 30 more blogs 

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EVERYONE STOP WHAT THEY ARE DOING! A theatre accidentally played Rise Of The Guardians instead of Guardians Of The Galaxy.

This has officially made my night. Oh my god.



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» Frozen


So I should preface this by saying I realise how fucking ridiculous it is. But anyway.

I watched frozen on Thursday. And it really got to me. There she is knowing that when she gets emotional she hurts people. Her parents teach her that the only way she can protect people from herself is by hiding - by never letting anyone see who she really is. By never getting scared or angry. 

So she does. And she hurts those around her by trying not to hurt them. They push her and push her, because they don’t understand why she’s gone so cold with them. So she loses it. She lets her emotions out. And that ruins everything. She destroys the town, and everything about it. She destroys her reputation and that of her family.


Those who truly love her don’t care. They know that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. They want to help her. They trust that she’s still the same person that she always was. And with their help she realises that with her emotions come great benefits as well as great risks. She has the power to heal as much as she has the power to hurt. 


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could you explain Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder to me? I don't know why but I always mix those two up. thank you!xx


Hi there,

I wrote out a pretty extensive explanation of the symptoms between Bipolar II and Borderline here that may help you out. I think it’s confusing because we abbreviated borderline with BPD but some people also appreciate bipolar with BPD, and it doesn’t help that they are both pretty unpredictable.

In essence, bipolar disorder is largely genetic- medication is usually the best option with some counseling on the side. Moods come on extremely and last for a LONG time and swing- manic, depression, mixed (in any order). I’ve had it described to me as “nothing you can do will get you out of the mood. Nothing anybody can do can get you out of it. You just wait it out and hope for a normal mood next” (roughly- it was a few years ago I talked to this individual).

Borderline is a personality disorder, which means while there are genetic influences for things like impulsiveness and such, it’s also influenced by environment and how a child and teen are raised and learn how to cope with the desires or impulses they may have. Therapy is most effective and it’s actually more effective to be treated BEFORE a diagnosis so you can ‘unlearn’ some of the patterns and learn healthier patterns. Borderline also has intense moods but they are fleeting and tied to relationships (unlike bipolar where there isn’t much to tie it to- it can be totally totally random). For example, a person with BPD might get completely distraught when a friend cancels plans and consider large extremes. Borderline is more about relationships and relationship patterns and what the person does when confronted with real or perceived abandonment)- the mood swings are tied to what is going on and they have trouble regulating thoughts and emotions based off of that. Their up-and-down moods also tend t be more specific- fear, sadness, anxiety, disgust, love. It’s really common actually for a person with borderline to ADORE somebody one day and the next day never want to see them again (because of something small, even)

Hope this helped!

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one episode, one gif: how to know if you’re not Envy ft. Ling and Ed
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